Trump/Putin Helsinki Meeting; Mueller/Collusion Story; The Current American Revolution; Pope Francis' recent conviction of pedophelia and the crimes of Pope Benedict with special Guest Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State

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Trump/Putin Helsinki Meeting with special Guest Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State: Stephen reveals how the Hillary Clinton and Victoria Newland State Dept. funded an overthrow of a duly elected regime in Ukraine. This military coup replaced the government with a Nazi regime that is set on killing the entire Jewish population within the nation. Ukrainian nationals and Russian-Ukrainians begged for Putin's aid to free them from the Nazi oppression. The US State Dept. was engaged in funding an action against Ukrainian Jews and Russians. The Obama Admin. placed sanctions against Russia for Putin entering Ukraine militarily that devalued their currency by 50 percent. There was an apparent desire to reenact WWII battles in the region that would eliminate the Jewish population. Today's Democrats and mainstream news media are going ballistic that President Trump is seeking peace rather than adopting a wartime posture towards Russia. The left's accusation that Russia hacked the 2016 election is stated to be a lie. Steve tells why Hillary really lost the election. Todays Democrats promote a Socialist form of governance that has never been successful anywhere it has risen to power. The UK became the empire it was because of practicing Capitalism. Republicans that side with the Democrats want to install National Socialism as a Fourth Reich.

Mueller / Collusion Story with special Guest Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State: Trump's attorney explains how the Mueller Special Council is an unconstitutional investigation. Mueller's conflict of interest is exposed with his participation in the Clinton Uranium One scandal. Mueller delivered the uranium to Moscow. Comey's involvement in ISIS activites in Syria is also exposed. Clinton declared her nomination as presidential candidate before the California votes were counted, where Bernie Sanders overwhelmingly won. Hillary's popularity was manufactured with paid actors. She lost the election because she is a terrible candidate. John McCain is a chief war monger that is a key player, with photographic evidence, in founding and training ISIS. The Mueller probe evidences the greatest kind of corruption within America. Attorney Pidgeon believes that President Trump should form a full force task force to investigate election crimes to expose corrupt leadership. Steve admits his error in backing Sessions to be appointed as US AG.

The Current American Revolution with special Guest Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State: Stephen shares about what his priorities would have been if he had been successfully elected to the Washington State Attorney General's Office. He speaks of the recent rogue nature of the Washington legislature and the current AG not holding them in check procedurally. The Washington State AG levied an $800K fine against a business owner because they mentioned that they might not service a same-sex marriage and was unanimously overturned by the US Supreme Court for summarily attempting block President Trump's immigration policy. Stephen ties George H.W. Bush to a fourth Reich/NWO that is leading a revolution to overthrow the Republic of America and nations around the world. The rest of the world looks at America as a sinful nation and they are renouncing much of the ideology being foisted upon them by the US. Nations that America has attacked are listed as nations wanting to keep their sovereignty against the governance of a fourth Reich. We are the victims of an aggressive, progressive, liberal ideology that is overthrowing the Protestant ethic that built this country; if you don't work, you don't eat. Those that want socialism should be told to look at Venezuela and the rest of Latin America that are directed by the Catholic Church. Trump Is holding European allies and Canada to account in spending their fair share for national defense instead of burdening the US. The Club of Rome regionalized the world into ten divisions for Socialist/Communist rule. Trump is telling the rest of the world that has been raiding the piggy bank of the US economy that the free ride is over and since he has done this, they want to kill him. The presidency of Barack Obama has done more to destabilize and destroy America and other nations ever. Stephen goes on to tell about Obama's lawless persona. Obama tried to put an education system in place that embraced, Marxism, socialism and communism. Eight years of education under Obama can vastly influence a wide sector of the population to accept socialistic ideology to get everything for nothing. Obama appointed AGs were racist criminals. The goal of sexual immorality is to achieve child molestation and child sacrifice. Same-sex advocates have admitted that the goal wasn't same-sex marriage, but to destroy the altar of marriage. People that say you can't legislate morality don't understand that all legislation is a form of morality. Which God/god are you going to serve? The Southern Poverty Law Center is actually a hate group that has been sued many times for their unbridled hate speech. ANTIFA is exposed to be teachers that are violent, hard core, Marxist/communists. ANTIFA turns violent against anyone that expresses any ideas that they don't agree with. Steve tells how Universities and public school HR Departments select and monitor educators against conservative ideology.

Pope Francis' recent conviction of pedophilia and the crimes of Pope Benedict with special Guest Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State: President Abraham Lincoln marked the Jesuit order of the Catholic Church as the instigators of the US Civil War and didn't publicly share it for fear of a much more fearful turn towards a religious war might ensue. Presidents that have been assassinated are named as those found to have been done so by the Jesuits. Jesuits have sworn oaths to do whatever it takes, as the ends justify the means. The Catholic Church was initially illegal in America, as was Christmas. America's founding fathers had seen the Catholic Church topple governments around the world and thus outlawed them. The 1516 Geneva Bible openly mentioned the lawlessness of the Catholic Church and called the Pope the Anti-Christ. It has recently come to light that all Popes and high ranking Cardinals are supposed to participate in a ceremony called the "Circle of Nine" that involves child sacrifice and sexual abuse. The International Common Law of Justice at the Hague has heard testimonies of survivors of child molestation and repeated rape that testified of the activates in the Circle of Nine ceremonies. There are mass graves in Canada because of these child sacrifice ceremonies. The Queens of England and Netherlands are accused of child sacrifice. A witness gave personal testimony of watching Benedict kill a child before he became Pope. Pope Francis is convicted of child sacrifice, pedophilia and human trafficking. Since Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope, he has united the Black Papacy with the White Papacy under the same head. June 27, 2018 members of the International Common Law Police attempted to make an arrest of Pope Francis in Switzerland, where he was going to attend a Circle of Nine meeting ceremony, and Francis escaped when his guards beat back those that would arrest him. Pope Benedict/Ratzinger is a former member of the Third Reich. Dr. Hansen reads a portion of his newsletter "Abraham Lincoln calls The United States of America to Repent, Fast and Pray!" President Lincoln was saying the same thing that needs to be done today. Every member of the Vatican clergy can now be considered a co-conspirator in pedophilia if they adhere to not reporting such activity by a Papal edict. Rome has asserted itself above Scripture and the Pope has asserted himself above God. Peter was never in Rome and the Catholic Church has adopted Babylonian pagan religious practices.