Vyrl Pember (Rev.), President of Integrity Plus (DVD)

CODE: DVD111912


Rev. Pember explains that Integrity Plus lowers merchant credit card rates and locks them in through Capitol Bank Card Services - Rev. Pember states that businesses can designate a portion of the savings as a donation to non-profit organizations such as ministries and churches - Dr. Hansen relates the need to raise millions of dollars every month to reach 2 billion people every time the "Warning" program airs and Rev. Pember's services can help reach them - Rev. Pember extols biblical principles that Holy Spirit led creativity can bless the Church and ministries financially - Dr. Hansen stresses the importance of financially backing/partnering with WMI to fight for our God-given freedom now while it still exists - Rev. Pember shares that he is looking for sales associates, to work for Integrity Plus, that want to bless ministries and non-profits like WMI - Photos of Dr. Hansen's TV guests: Senators, House of Representatives, Attorneys, Lawmen, Apostles, and Missionaries - News articles of: Superstorm Sandy; Continuing economic collapse; The Obama administration continually being visited by Islamic extremists at the White House

(30 min.)