Waianae Assembly of God, Oahu, Hawaii, with Pastor Jeff Yamashita, Nov. 18, 2018

CODE: DVD122118


Dr. Hansen gives testimony that his uncle was shot and killed for the gospel, angels appearing to save his life and appearing at many of his meetings. Dr. Hansen shares the goals and mission of World Ministries International. He extends an invitation for people to join the WMI intercessor prayer team and defines their role in support. Just like King Cyrus didn't complete the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, President Trump isn't going to rebuild America without the involvement of the church. The church must be in strong relationship with God to move with His power gifts for victory. The worship team led in enthusiastic worship. Adalia shares about a vision that God gave her about wounded/hurting believers in the church. The Lord wants to heal all the people in the church of their wounds and leads in prayer over the church. Dr. Hansen shares about his family's old time Pentecost faith, even to being imprisoned in a WWII prison camp. There needs to be revival, even in many Pentecostal churches. He tells the congregation that they are very blessed to have the pastors that they have. God's holy witnesses attend every meeting where a minister is speaking to record their words to be shared on judgment day. Angels are here to protect God's righteous ministers. Most mainline churches don't address sin and welcome fornicators, homosexuals and corrupt politicians. The believer's goal should be to know God so that we can be His ambassadors to people and society around us. Photos of: pastors Dr. Hansen spoke for and met on this trip; natural beauty of Hawaii; images of this service; thanksgiving celebration at Pastor Leo Bogee's home; Dr. Hansen in front of hundreds of thousands and in Hong Kong, Malaysia and South Korea.