WMI School of Theology, WMIST-Kenya Graduation Message, December 14, 2018 - "Effortless Productivity" Part 2

CODE: DVD020119


The power gifts of the Holy Spirit flow through a believer in a strong, repentant relationship with God. We can do nothing without the Holy Spirit. God must be first in our lives to serve Him fully. Communing with God daily will lead to the Holy Spirit flowing through us effortlessly. The more time with God, more of the Holy Spirit will flow through us. The only way to be polite/nice to any angry/rude person is with the Holy Spirit flowing through you. A parent corrects their children if they love them. A wise child growing up understands their parents correct them out of love. The more righteous a person is, the more attacks they will receive. Our anxiety is determined by our dependence on God. We can all grow strong and not break under pressure. We don't run, hide or bribe. David faced his enemy & was promoted. We don't have to be intimidated by corrupt people in their sin. Dr. Hansen relates how to respond to a corrupt official. We should address lying intimidators with truth & be on the offense to win. WMI School of Theology Kenya was established to raise up righteous leaders to challenge corruption in nations. Photos of: Dec. 2018 WMI Kenya Bible college graduation; Dr. Hansen giving shoes and other items to orphans in northern Kenya; various leaders Dr. Hansen met in his Nairobi office; wild game animals at the Nairobi Game Park; various political world leaders with Dr. Hansen; a Christian politician and a Christian attorney that Dr. Hansen speaks with in conferences.