Benevolence Ministry Update 2009

World Ministries International (WMI) has never been busier in our benevolence ministry than this past year.  Dr. Michael Hyodo and his family are still residing in Nairobi, Kenya and have been continuing the works of faith with WMI as we commit to sharing the gospel in word and deed.

Dr. Hyodo with his family: wife, Trisha and children
Nikki (17), Blake (16), Tia (13) and Joshua (9)

James 2:14-17: What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works?  Can faith save him?  If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, and one of you say unto them, depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?  Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.”

The following are some of the benevolence projects WMI has been involved with:

We have completed a new dental clinic in the Satellite area of Nairobi to serve the poor.  This makes our seventh dental clinic built in Kenya.

New Dental Clinic in the Satellite area of Nairobi, Kenya

WMI has conducted several free dental camps in this location.  One of the camps was in partnership with AMREF.

WMI Free Dental Camp with AMREF

We also did a Free dental camp with the Cornerstone Faith Assembly Church in Nairobi.  Dr. Hyodo is pictured with WMI staff member, Pastor Tobias Nyamwaya.

Dr. Hyodo and Pastor Tobias Nyamwaya

Other patients line up to be seen.

Pastor Mike Adipo made a request to build a classroom at his church, the Smart Cathedral/Calvary Charismatic Centre church in the Kawagware slum in Nairobi.  Pastor Adipo was raised up as a pastor under Dr. Hansen in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  He is standing on the future site where we helped to build his classroom with his wife, Nancy.

Pastor Mike Adipo with his wife, Nancy

The Hyodo family has also been fostering orphan babies in their home.  Tia is pictured with three of the babies, Paul, Lucy, and Jane who all lived with the Hyodo family this year.  The diapers were donated by Dr. Hyodo’s nieces, Kendra, Kelsey, and Keely Desimone from Chicago, Illinois.

A team from the Lighthouse Christian Church (LCC) from Bellevue, Washington visited us on a short-term mission trip and worked on many projects, including visiting orphanages such as the Nest orphanage in Limuru.

The Nest Orphanage in Limuru, Kenya

Trisha Hyodo and the team minister to the orphans with songs, crafts, and games.

LCC member Dan Ko makes bracelets with the children.

In addition to donation of clothes, toothbrushes were given out to the children who were all smiles.

The orphan children pray to God.

Although it can sometimes get a little crowded, fortunately they have big cribs that can fit several children sleeping at the same time.

The LCC team also helped to build the classroom for Pastor Adipo and the Smart Cathedral Church.

Building a classroom for Smart Cathedral Church

We also did a  free dental camps at our main clinic and mission house at South C, Nairobi.

Fee Dental Camp at South C Mission House in Nairobi

At the same time part of the team did some painting.

The team traversed through the Mukuru/Kwa Njenga slum to reach the Comido school with Pastor James Kariuki.

They donated a two-month supply of charcoal to help cook food for the schoolchildren.

There were also other donations, such as feminine hygiene products for the young ladies at the school.

Many girls miss school each month and eventually drop out of school completely because they do not have these products.  Also school supplies, toys and sports balls were donated.

The team then helped to cook lunch and served the children.

It was a blessing to be a part of this school and to touch the children.

WMI has had a long relationship with the Mcedo School in the Mathare slum.  We have seen them go from scattered rooms interspersed throughout the slum to a two-story stone building.  It is located nearby the river and an illegal alcohol (Changaa) brewing operation.

Illegal alcohol brewing operation

The team took a winding pathway through the slums.  We found many friends along the way.

Finally at the school we shared with the students and sang and danced with each other.  The LCC team gave a donation of food for lunches for the children.

Another WMI relationship is with the Kayaba church in the South B slum with our caretaker, Pastor Paul Sitati.  The LCC team visited and provided for a food outreach to the community.

We also did some evangelism as many people gave their lives and hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is a picture Jane of one of the Hyodo family foster children.

Dr. Hansen is seen with Dr. Mike and Pastor Tobias in front of the completed Satellite dental clinic.

Dr. Hansen is also pictured in front of the completed classroom at Pastor Mike Adipo’s church, the Smart Cathedral, in the Kawagware slum.  Inside the classroom was cemented and benches placed for the children.

This is a picture of Paul, another one of the Hyodo family foster children.

Trisha Hyodo is sitting on chairs that were donated by the LCC church after they left Kenya.

These chairs and tables that were donated replaced these old, dirty “chairs” that are seen in this photograph.

The chairs and tables help the children study better.

You can see that the children love their new chairs.

WMI had a staff retreat and presented two staff member, Shadrack and Irene with bible school certificates.

             WMI Staff Retreat                        Shadrack with Bible School Certificate           Irene with Bible School Certificate

Pictured here is Pastor Tobias Nyamwaya with Irene and Milcah inside the completed Satellite dental clinic.

The WMI dental clinic and mission house at South C is starting to get busier and busier.

WMI Dental Clinic and Mission House at South C in Nairobi, Kenya

The WMI-Kenya Bible School celebrated our first Master of Theology recipient, Josephus Crispus Tala-Owiyo, at our bible school in downtown Nairobi.

Josephus Crispus Tala-Owiyo, Master of Theology

Mike and Trisha Hyodo join Pastor Paul as he celebrates after the LCC church donated money for him to purchase his previously rented church building.

This is a picture of our staff members, Edward and Margaret, taken in our reception area of the WMI ministry office and bible school in downtown Nairobi.

Edward and Margaret in reception area of WMI ministry office

The LCC provided finances for scholarships for three children at the Comido school.  This scholarship covers all school fees for these children through 8th grade.  Nahima, Heroll, and Happiness were honored and happy to receive their scholarships.

Nahima, Heroll, and Happiness receive scholarships at the Comido school

They also provided money to help purchase an amplifier and keyboard for Pastor Tobias who had his stolen at gunpoint from some thugs.

Pastor Tobias with a new amplifier and keyboard

WMI sent a container to Kenya in July 2009.  This was filled with used dental equipment, donated clothes, a church tent, 400 soccer jerseys and equipment, 5000 books, and other donation items for the poor.  Nikki Hyodo is standing in front of the open container before it was sent out.  Our goal is to build five more dental clinics.

We have supporters all over the world helping WMI to serve the poor.  Kathleen Smith is a patient in Dr. Mike’s Bellevue, Washington dental clinic who has sewn hundreds of receiving blankets and diapers for orphan babies.  She is pictured here with Nikki Hyodo and staff members Tatyana and Shelley.

Kathleen Smith with staff members at Dr. Hyodo's clinic in Bellevue, WA

We are also serving in the Eastleigh Community Centre, which is located in an area of Nairobi highly populated with immigrant Somalians.  Nikki is seen with some children of mothers who come on Mondays for a ladies bible study.

Trisha holds a big plate, getting ready to feed the children at the Community Center.  The children enjoyed their meal.

Trisha Hyodo prepares to feed the children                      Children enjoy their meal              

One of the seven dental offices in Kenya has recently moved from the Komorock slum to this location in Kayole.

These are pictures of our Hurlingham clinic with Dr.Paul Kiarie, Grace, and Dr. Sophia Samuel.

Dr.Paul Kiarie, Grace, and Dr. Sophia Samuel

Joshua Hyodo holds Grace, one of our foster babies.

A larger team from the Lighthouse Christian Church came in August 2009.

They visited many of the places again, including the Comido school in the Kwa Njenga slum.  This picture here is a child that cannot afford to go to school, looking in from outside the barbed-wire fence.

They also visited the Eastleigh Community Center again and also visited local “bases”, where homeless people gather and live amid the trash.

The LCC team hammed it up and enjoyed being with the locals.  They also did a painting project.

And visited their “farm” where teenagers are taken to rehabilitate from drugs and are taught a trade.  The team did a tree planting project.

The "Farm" for Teens Rehabilitating from Drugs

The team also did a free dental camp at the Satellite dental clinic.

Some more pictures of life in the slums.

Kawagware Slums

The team also visited the Mathare slum.

Mathare Slums

And also visited the New Life Home, which is an orphanage in Nairobi that has many AIDS babies.

New Life Home Orphanage

The team also visited the Nest Orphanage again and did some songs and dramas as sheep.

The Nest Orphanage

The LCC team also had a youth group which did some worship concerts and evangelism.  Pictured here is part of the team at the Smart Cathedral.

Worship at the Smart Cathedral