"Women viciously attack black Trump supporter at Women's March" - "Pastor ousted after posting anti-LGBTQ sign outside his church" - "Abortion chiefs face grilling over body parts trade" - "Illegal alien arrested for '4 homicides' in U.S." - "Theologians react to Andy Stanley saying Ten Commandments don't apply to Christians" - Attorney Stephen Pidgeon

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"Women viciously attack black Trump supporter at Women's March": Jesse Lee Peterson, a several time guest of Dr. Hansen's radio and television programs, writes of the physical assault he received while attending the 2019 LA Women's March. We have an emasculation of western culture. We have failed to start men on the path of masculinity. How many people realize that without masculine men in America, how are we to defend ourselves against a twenty million man army without massive weapons of mass destruction? Jesse Lee Peterson believes that the church has allowed the demasculation of men. Stephen points out how church congregations have demanded such because of the cultural PC diatribe paradigm. Testosterone levels are radically plunging at such levels that fertility is greatly reduced in men. Stats are shared by Stephen that reflect male chemical imbalance emotionally. The male/female wage gap talking point has no real truth to it now. The female CEO of Gillette produced an ad campaign that promotes the emasculation of men. An emasculated society will eventually be conquered by a society that has not emasculated its men. this boils down to a direct attack on the family. World wide, abortion has killed one billion children.

"Pastor ousted after posting anti-LGBTQ sign outside his church": The pastor said he found it very offensive that people in his community were calling the sign he posted 'hateful.' The sign was addressing what the Bible states is sinful. The community has removed the pastor's right of free speech. The behavior that culture now calls LGBTQ, Stephen calls PGBLT (Pedo, Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender). He states this because the push is for the normalization of pedophilia. Sodomy and transgenderism are both explicitly listed in the Bible as sin and an abomination. Stephen describes those that historically come against the Word of God try to codify societal law towards pedophilia. Not only does the Quran permit pedophilia but the Talmud permits such behavior as well. The 'legalization' of same-sex married couples is an attempt by government to register those in this behavior. The Bible clear states that those that love the Jesus/God will obey His commandments. Those that don't obey the Ten Commandments and yet profess a faith in Jesus are going to find themselves coming under the jurisdiction of the Noahide Laws, with its condemnation. Noahide Laws are Talmudic laws. The pastor that posted the sign says that he didn't say anything hateful. Stephen states how the sign described sin. He further goes on to describe the difference between the Torah and the Talmud, with they consider to be law. The governing Talmud over Israel right now is called the Babylonian Talmud.

"Abortion chiefs face grilling over body parts trade": The headlines shared this week show how close America is to suffering judgment as Sodom and Gomorrah. Two reporters attended abortion industry functions with hidden cameras and they caught Planned Parenthood and other abortion industry execs telling how they adjusted procedures to preserve baby body parts valued by research companies. Planned Parenthood and other abortion industry companies are suing the organization that exposed their illegal practices of selling aborted fetal tissues. Abortion in America is a genocide of Americans by Americans. There is an accountability coming for those that practice abortion, not only in eternity but here on earth. There have been more than one billion abortions around the world. President Obama forced nations around the world to kill babies through abortion at the threat of cutting off their aid. Abortion is leading to the destruction of sustainable populations within the nations that practice it. Women are protesting for a right to kill their own babies.

"Illegal alien arrested for '4 homicides' in U.S.": Attorney Pidgeon states reasons that politicians in both parties would want illegal aliens in America. President Trump is trying to keep the cartel lifestyle out of our nation. Rules for illegal alien detention are described. The border wall is more about keeping the cartel sociology out. Steve tells about his memory of living under the mafia lifestyle in 1970s Alaska during the pipeline construction. The great financial burden of Federal money being given as benefits to illegals is mentioned. Furloughed Federal workers could possibly be permanently released after not working after more than 22 work days of absence. If people want to come to America and don't want to consider who we are as Americans, with our heritage, they can return to where they left. America was founded as a Christian nation and the Ten Commandments as the basis of our legal system.

"Theologians react to Andy Stanley saying Ten Commandments don't apply to Christians": Stanley's belief of disregarding the Ten Commandments is shown to be pure ignorance of someone that apparently hasn't read or obeys even the Biblical Gospels. Steve names the form of heresy that Andy Stanley is preaching, that got the man that originally preached it excommunicated from the church. This form of heresy basically permits anyone to commit any sinful act or deed against someone else as long as they love them. This is a teaching of lawlessness. Denouncing the Ten Commandments is to open the doors for the Noahide Laws. Steve explains the difference between the law from the Torah as opposed to Talmudic law regarding the blood atoning sacrifice. We cannot understand the New Testament without an understanding the Old Testament. Jesus didn't teach about grace to do away with the Ten Commandments. Grace is not a license to sin. Faithfulness is moral fidelity. We cannot have faith if we don't obey God. Believe = to adhere, trust and obey. If you aren't obeying God, you are selfish. Dr. Hansen briefly describes lawless pastors as "Toothless Eunuchs" as the problem today.