Prophetic Conference, Spokane, WA, November 3, 2018 Part 2

CODE: DVD032219


Guest Speaker: State Representative Matt Shea, 4th District, Washington State House of Representatives - The conference topics are listed. We shouldn't have welfare aid from government; it's the church's responsibility. The "Deep State" wants to break our spirit. Two counter states exist in America, Marxist and Islamist. The Maoist Insurgency Model is explained. Violent military groups of the Deep State are named. Muslim Brotherhood has a "Special Section" of insurgency. Marxists and Muslims are working to destroy America. Matt shares a story of significance regarding some Vladimir Lennon statues. There is an open call for violence by Deep State people. "Rules for Radicals" excerpts are shared showing their ideology and methodology. Matt shared some examples of death threats he has received. Marxism holds no value for human life. Hamas is a component of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is conducting global cultural jihad, even in America. Matt gives a "Threat Overview" of the global Islamic jihad. Video is shown of a pledge of allegiance led by a Muslim Brotherhood leader at a Muslim Student Association meeting at a college campus. Documents from the federal trial against the "Holy Land Foundation" reveal cultural jihad in America and un-indicted co-conspirator organizations are named. Photos of: Rep. Matt Shea; Attorney Stephen Pidgeon; Matt's PowerPoint slides showing evidence documents, maps, charts and video of Deep State operations.